Driven by Vision

We believe the greatest opportunities will come from serving the unmet needs of the middle class, which will define the global economies in the century to come.


Powered by Relationships

We invest in extraordinary people. We view ourselves as relationship capital and true active partners whereby we take a tailored approach to creating value, considering the unique needs of our companies.

How we create value

Pioneering cross-border strategy

We believe international connectivity is key to unlocking value in emerging markets. Reverse innovation is also pushing developed markets to be more efficient. Valor is a bridge between the US and Brazil supporting our portfolio companies to arbitrage these markets.

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International Institutional Capital
Intellectual Capital Flow
Geo Arbitrage Exit Opportunities
Ecosystem & Development
Why Brazil?

Brazil is the Beta Market for the World

Brazil is the largest, most connected, and most engaged economy in Latin America. The dynamism and complexity of Brazil provide a template for innovation that can scale globally.

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Vibrant and diverse, Brazil’s economy is the eighth largest in the world


Brazil has the 4th largest internet and mobile population


Brazil ranks second to the US globally, on total time spent on social media

Partnering with Valor

“Valor has built an open and engaged community where knowledge and ideas are leveraged to accelerate the growth of new business opportunities.”

Mariana Dias, CEO of Gupy
Partnering with valor

“Valor has the vision, insight, and network to accelerate businesses in Brazil. They are a true value-added investor for us.”

Ekechi Nwokah, CEO of Migo
Partnering with valor

"Valor is an extension of the Incognia team and we work together to solve the company's biggest challenges. Most importantly, we trust and admire each other on both a professional and a personal level."

André Ferraz, CEO of Incognia
Partnering with Valor

"We started working with Valor at an early stage and have been thoroughly impressed by the team's unwavering dedication to our success and their deep understanding of Brazilian as well as international markets."

Florian Hagenbuch and Matte Pencz, Founders of Loft