Valor Community Pillars

We are proud to have, as part of Valor’s community, some of the greatest minds and most influential individuals and institutions across geographies, industries, and generations. We are fortunate to be able to leverage our community to gather global insights, to make better informed investment decisions, and to create value and impact. The power of the community is in creating an open and collaborative environment to build long term and prosperous relationships.

In Service of Talent

Rick Yorn introduced our founding partner, Scott Sobel, to Michael Ovitz in the late 90s when they formed Artists Management Group (AMG). Ovitz was the founder of Creative Artist Agency (CAA), who transformed the media, technology, and entertainment industries by empowering and magnifying the power dynamics around talent and being a bridge between these industries. Ovitz has also influenced and left an indelible mark in the venture community with firms like Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive Capital, and Valor Capital Group, amongst others.

When Valor was founded as a pioneering cross-border venture fund, Ovitz was generous with his time and advice to form our strategy of helping US entrepreneurs enter the Brazilian market and Brazilian entrepreneurs go global. In the early years of Valor, with our modest means, we built an operational structure to be at service of our talent. Today, this is core to Valor’s community pillars.

As Malcom Gladwell introduced in his best-selling book Blink, individuals can become innately great at finding patterns and reading situations. Yorn and Ovitz have a keen eye to identify talent in the entertainment industry, similar to how we apply our pattern recognition to identify talent in technology founders. Their key to success was not only being able to identify talent, but also being dedicated to their success and partnering in every step of their journey. The philosophy and pillars of our community strategy have been largely inspired by Yorn’s and Ovitz’s approach to talent development.

Valor’s Community in Brazil and around the world consists of our passionate founders, innovative companies, global institutional investors, family offices, sectoral specialists, and policy makers.

At the nexus of our community is our extraordinary and diverse group of founders, with whom we aim to partner throughout their entrepreneurial journey and company’s lifecycle. We have built a dedicated strategy and team around Valor’s community to be at the service of our talent, adding our own perspective to Yorn’s and Ovitz’s talent management playbook.

Currently, Valor supports 97 founders from 52 companies that have already created more than 14,000 jobs in over 20 countries. We have invested in companies that range from the early stage to companies that have IPO’d. Valor’s community is supported by over 100 investors and families, co-investors, and service providers.

Power of the community

A diverse portfolio of startups from different stages, sectors, and geographies brings a variety of experiences that create tangible value to founders. Valor helps unlock the full potential of its community by empowering portfolio team members and founders to learn from each other’s successes and mistakes, whether by sharing best practices, benchmarking key operating metrics, or connecting with industry experts from our network. The formation of long-term relationships is the cornerstone of our community development strategy and a key driver in helping teams fulfill their potential and maximize their impact on society.

Community Pillars

Our approach to supporting the growth of our portfolio is tailored to each specific company and is a function of sector, stage, founding team, business model, and technology. At the same time, there are initiatives that we strive to replicate across the board. Similar to how Yorn and Ovitz empowered creatives through coaching and brand management, we support our founders through the five pillars of our community strategy.

  • Talent & Recruiting: we help our companies hire key C-Level employees and offer them access to a wide pool of talent from universities across the US and Brazil.
  • Capital Introduction: we provide access to an extensive network of global institutional investors, family offices, strategics, and co-investors to support our companies’s growth.
  • Data Assets & Business Intelligence: we provide access to general portfolio and market-wide benchmarks around metrics, compensation, organizational best practices, and other data assets pivotal to business performance.
  • Business Development & Cross Border Migration Support: we help global companies set up operations in Brazil and connect them to potential clients, partners, and relevant government officials. We also help Brazilian companies expand globally by connecting them to international investors and helping them devise their go-to-market strategy.
  • Networking (Tools & Events): we host and sponsor global events, including our annual summit and the Brazil at Silicon Valley conference, and place our founders at the spotlight in order to foster the development of long-term collaborative relationships. We maintain active channels for frictionless communication between our companies’s business units. Our CFOs, CTOs, heads of product, sales, people, and engineering are constantly interacting through our platform, in addition to participating in weekly thematic discussions in our series of “Chats @ Valor”.

We truly believe that the power of the Valor network helps our portfolio companies unlock their full potential. Therefore, if you identify with our values and are ready to support, join, or create a startup please email us at [email protected].