Phillip Trauer

Principal São Paulo

Phillip Trauer joined Valor Venture’s NYC office as an Investment Associate in 2017. Phillip is now based in São Paulo and is focused on sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities as well as supporting portfolio companies. Prior to Valor, Phillip worked in the real estate industry with roles at Citigroup (NYC), Sonder (SF), and Brazil Hospitality Group (Rio). Early in his career, Phillip served as an analyst at Ideiasnet S.A. where he worked with existing Valor Ventures partner Michael Nicklas. Phillip received his B.A. in economics from IBMEC and his MBA from the Ross School, University of Michigan.

Phillip is passionate about topics relating to smart cities, urban technologies and other emerging technologies that can be used to help communities reach their strategic and economic objectives. In his free time, Phillip enjoys playing golf, running, and reading about topics related to innovation.