Gustavo Berger

Investment Analyst São Paulo, Brazil

Gustavo is an Investment Analyst at Valor responsible for sourcing deals, evaluating investment opportunities, and supporting portfolio companies, mainly focusing on crypto, fintech, and gaming verticals. Prior to joining Valor, Gustavo worked in Investment Banking at igc Partners, Brazil’s largest middle-market boutique. Additionally, during college he enrolled in 2 summer jobs in Investment Banking and became a Director & Board Member at InFinance, Insper’s Finance Student Club. While at university, Gustavo represented Insper in several finance competitions, being the Winner of the Bank of America Challenge and the Vice-Champion in the CFA Research Challenge.

He received his degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Insper and attended a semester abroad at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied Business and Psychology.

Gustavo is passionate about reading, art, understanding how the world around him works, and creating a positive impact through technology.