Valor Annual Summit 2018

Valor’s 6th Annual Partner & CEO Summit

Valor’s 6th Annual Partner & CEO Summit theme was "Technology & Innovation: Engine for Prosperity". Speakers included Dan Schulman of Paypal, Stephanie Ruhle of NBC News, Michael Ovitz of CAA, and more discussing prospects for the future.

Valor’s 6th Annual Partner & CEO Summit was hosted in New York City. The motivation behind our Summit is simple: by bringing our US and Brazil-based friends and partners together amidst a backdrop of innovation and creative thinking, we can foster new relationships and provide a forum for cross-border collaboration.


The Valor Family interacted with visionary entrepreneurs and investors as well as a carefully selected group of thought leaders. Speakers included Dan Schulman, Chief Executive Officer of PayPal; Stephanie Ruhle, NBC News Correspondent; Harold Ford, Political Commentator/ Former U.S. Congressman; Dan Senor, Senior Adviser at Elliott Management & Former Defense Department Official; Arminio Fraga, Founder of Gávea Investimentos / Former President of Central Bank Brazil; Gary Rieschel, Founding Managing Partner of Qimin; Jes Staley, CEO of Barclays; Michael Ovitz, Founder of Creative Artists Agency (CAA); and many more.