Valor's Inaugural Crypto Summit

Valor's Inaugural Crypto Summit was our first get-together to discuss all things crypto and web3 among the sector most prominent leaders and founders in Brazil, LatAm and the US.

Valor’s Inaugural Crypto Summit took place over June 6 and 7 at the Emiliano hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

The objective of the summit was to be a bridge between the public and private sectors focused on Crypto technologies, policies and solutions. We received incredible feedback regarding the location, format, the diverse and high-quality content, speakers, and attendees. From the Summit, it was clear that Crypto adoption has reached escape velocity and Brazil is and will continue to be a leader in the global crypto ecosystem based on the large and fertile market, progressive Central Bank, and talent in the country.


Valor has become the leading venture fund in the region focused on crypto and blockchain technologies and is committed to this evolving sector. During the summit, we had amazing panels and conversations with key global leaders and wanted to highlight a few:

  1. Roberto Campos (Governor of the Central Bank),  Marcelo Barbosa (President of CVM), Fabio Araújo (Head of CBDC), and Daniel Maeda (Head of Digital Assets of CVM),  showcased how Brazil is becoming a role model in financial services innovation, providing inclusion and access to the population through technology.
  2. Mario Mello (Safra, Valor Venture Partner), Jes Staley (Ex-Barclays), Ricardo Marino (Itau) talked about how banks can and will have to adapt to the crypto world and Katie Biber (Paradigm), Josh Lipsky (Atlantic Council), Brian Brooks (Bitfury, former U.S. Comptroller of the Currency), Dante Disparte (Circle), Michael Greenwald (AWS, former US Treasury) discussed global regulators role in the crypto ecosystem and the different implications around Stablecoins and CBDC’s.
  3. Marcelo Claure (Claure Capital) and Mayor Eduardo Paes (Rio de Janeiro) and Mayor Francisco Suarez (Miami) discussed the importance of crypto and technology to cities as a way of creating more jobs, more wealth, and more opportunities while decreasing inequality and poverty. It was clear from their session that Miami and Rio will certainly collaborate and cross-pollinate ideas, opportunities, and intellectual capital going forward.
  4. Jack Mallers (Strike) talked about the lightning network as a new way of providing financial inclusion globally; and Michael Novogratz (Galaxy) provided his views on the future of the industry, sharing his excitement around the crypto community, gaming, and metaverse.
  5. Luciano Huck (Globo), talked about his philosophy of being close to society and investing in innovative technologies to help bridge the socio-economic gap; and Vik Muniz shared with us the creative process he has taken around some of his most recognized and collected art pieces and installations and his recent adaptation to the digital world.


We were fortunate to have many of Valor’s Founders & CEO’s and ecosystem partners participate in panels to include: Bayz, Bitso, BNDES, B3, Caliza, Celo, Coinbase, Cloudwalk, Credix, Digital Artists (Gus Grillasca & Ananda Nahu)Digitra, Eco, Hashdex, IDB, Joyride, Ledn, Lemon Cash, Mastercard, Mousehaunt, Parfin, Paulo Passoni, Ribon, Valora.


Thank you to the entire Valor Team and a special Thanks to our Sponsors for helping make the event a success: Globo Ventures, Itau, Mastercard, Gunderson Dettmer, and Genesis.